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Offering The Quickest & Safest Method of
Ear Wax Removal 
From Our Trained And Accredited Hearing Professionals.


Experienced Wax Removal Specialists Oxfordshire

Witney: 01993 709955
Banbury: 01295 255131  
Wantage:01993 709955
01993 709955

Taking Care Of Your Hearing Health

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Free Hearing Test

We offer a relaxed and comfortable, clinically hygienic environment. We have a modern, state of the art treatment room with a soundproof booth to deliver the most accurate results possible. Hearing tests are completely painless and non-invasive.

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Ear Wax Removal

We use the Microsuction method for wax removal. It is the gold standard procedure offering a safe, gentle and very effective way of removing wax using a soft suction or vacuum.

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Hearing Aids

If you are wondering what style hearing aid is best, there is a few considerations to make such as, placement in the ear, how visible they are when you wear them, along with an explanation of suitability depending on your hearing loss, lifestyle and cosmetic concerns.  

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